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Editing Client Projects and Procedures 

A Lot of People have recorded material that needs to be re-edited for YouTube , FaceBook etc. 

                                  These Projects are different on a client needs so rates are different and required consultation with the                            client before final rates are finalized.

But below are a Basic Procedures before submitting  clients must select portions of video to be posted before submitting.

All material must be pre-screened by client and time coded using the basic time code on your DVD or VHS footage with In and Out Points...[ Meaning where to start and end portions to be used. ]

KSO Productions will no longer make these decisions because it is the client project and they are responsible for input process to assure that the client knows what is to be edited before final work has been completed and this procedure keep confusion down to what the client wants edited or posted for social networks...

There are no exceptions to this rule all submissions must be pre-screened before editing process is to begin... 




Internet Radio Broadcast  

                                                            Mobile Phone Users

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Production expenses outline for video services only

Rate Sheet Above

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